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The Troll Wars

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The shade, Tsalmaveth, has accepted the declaration of war that had been challenged upon him. The invasion into his realm and the personal attack upon himself will be answered and he will scour every realm to find the one that has crossed his path.

Jotunn, the ice troll, has finally put together his army. Now is the time to strike upon the dying world. His desire to bring trolls into the world as a race to be reckoned with is only fueled by his desire of revenge upon the dark elves that have time and again taken everything from him. As his war spreads upon the land, he comes closer and closer to the very dark elf that had caused him the most pain, the dark elf named Maldev. With the arrival of the shade, Tsalmaveth, he is able to hone in on his target. However, can the undead shadow be trusted or does it have an agenda of its own?

Sil’ilos, the great and mighty purple dragon is called forth to face the Council of Dragons to answer for his son, the half dragon Charnag. His meeting leaves him with a decision to choose between ambition and family, between power and heritage.

House Orbbelgguren finds itself surround by trolls from all sides. Its trade routes and supply lines are cut off. Allies and new neighbors are succumbing to the horrors of war. They have to come together and trust each other more than ever if they want to survive.

The events of this war will touch the lives and souls of everyone involved and no one will be the same again.

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