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《I'm Your Minister》

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A Chinese girl named li xue, who became an actress at the age of 18, ran into U.S. senator John kerry.When she returned to China, because she was unwilling to shoot kissing scenes, she began to write books and scripts, but only mixed food.Kerry later became secretary of state, and she was admitted to the civil service. She missed out on a lot of love because of her pursuit of perfection and professionalism. She is still single at the age of 34.Later, when trump came to power, kerry went to Yale university to teach. She wanted to fulfill kerry's dream of becoming President and came to Yale university to study.She studied at Yale university and talked to kerry about world politics. In the us election in 2020, trump won re-election, he made America great again, just as macron said, he made the world great again.In 2024, kerry ran for President, she became his secretary, became the youngest minister of China in the history of the United States, the economic boom of the United States, the world peace and friendship, ended all the wars and disputes in the world, the world returned to the truth, the good and the United States.China-us relations have reached a new level.

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