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In his 2013 novel Dark Meridian, Australian author Matthew Tait introduced us to Adam Lavas: a washed up rock star who retires in solitude and discovered another world in the process. Welcome to the second story in Adam’s narrative ... Olearia.

Once a popular scholar in UFO circles, world-renowned writer Alex Barnett has also retreated from the public-eye. After a near-brush with death years previous on a remote outback station, Alex has been gifted (or cursed) with numinous abilities that ultimately bring harm to those he loves the most. But soon his withdrawal is hampered by a new mystery: the whereabouts of Adam Lavas. Sensing a kindship with the failed musician (and believing Adam to be more than human), Alex journey’s to the secret mansion known as Meridian in the foothills of Adelaide, there to discover an ally whose true form is married to mystery of the stars.

In the world of Olearia lies the clandestine school of God’s Grove, a transitional sect led by the mysterious human known as Zed. Here, students seek a path to enlightenment that is both enigmatic and suspicious. Arriving as Messengers from another world, Adam and his entourage will soon learn the true meaning of evolution; to go beyond the human kingdom and ultimately transcend the physical.

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