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A Convient Catastrophe

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A Convenient Catastrophe is a roller coaster of agonizing dilemmas and heart-stopping anticipation told through a complex yet snappy narrative as well as emails, texts and newspaper articles. At its heart is a mother that was laid to rest a long time ago, but her secrets were buried much deeper than she ever was.

 Amy Hollander has a meticulously fabricated life, and she's holding it together…with wet masking tape. But things are sure to get better. The bookstore across the way from her cafe has a handsome new owner named Deaton that she's getting close to and her covert investigative side business is growing, slowly but surely. There's that mother and her eccentric little boy she's recently befriended that seem to need her, but she's not sure how or why. And her close relationship with her own mother is in a great place-well hidden from the entire world.

Then comes that email. Her dad's fiancé wants to know for certain that his former wife, Caroline Chadwick died the night the train derailed twenty-eight years ago. Her body was never recovered. There was a lot happening back then that Caroline may have wanted to escape, things far different from the way Amy remembers them. And there was that receipt in her name for the train ticket, the night she walked into the fog and never emerged. Helena thinks there are more questions than answers, so she hires an investigator to find out, never imagining that investigator is Amy herself. There's no way Amy can accept this job. But there's no way she can decline it and expect the truth to stay dead and buried where it belongs.

As the search inches closer to a disaster rivaling the actual train crash, it zeroes in on an innocent woman thousands of miles away, just living her day to day existence, completely unaware that these people even exist and she's about to pulled into this decades-long deception.

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