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Gossamer: A Poetry Collection

63 pages34 minutes


These Poems Don't Rhyme.

This bundle of 16 poems explore a lifetime of emotions from love to heartbreak, and happiness to pain.

A rollercoaster of intensity from the heights of Moonstruck to the depths of Dungeoned Deep.

Plus no poetry collection would be complete without a pirate poem and ode to chocolate cake.

Included in this bundle:

The connection of soul mates.

Lost & Found
Chronic pain and coping.

Meditation on a sleeping infant.

The significance of a stranger's smile.

Go 'Gen
The curiosity and energy of little children.

Living through life's ups and downs.

April Fool
Fool's gold of love.

Another Day
The joy of becoming a parent.

Dream Machines
Longing for the end to ringing in the ears.

No Promises
The end of a broken romance.

Blessed Babe
A baby's enjoyable days.

Saintly Love
The pain of unrequited love.

Dungeoned Deep
The darkness of depression.

Gaia's Garden
Care and protection of Earth.

A micro-story with ghost written poem about pirates.

Ode to Chocolate Cake
No explanation required.

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