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Ice Monarch

34 pages21 minutes


A lone butterfly drifts over a scarred planet

Transplanted into an immortal shell, Dominique roams over landscapes devastated by climatic changes. The giant monarch butterfly records the merciless wars erupting between pockets of survivors, for the pleasure of his masters, who dwell in lavish palaces rolling over the Arctic synthetic ice.
The monarch is indestructible, as long as he flies in the rarefied altitudes, high over the people scraping a miserable existence from the scarred earth. But can he stay aloof when his masters condemn a village of smart, resourceful folks?

A compelling story of climate change and survival, told by multiple awards-winning Canadian SF author Michèle Laframboise.

"A gripping and harrowing tale...
rich in vivid, evocative details.”
-- Maria Haskins

"This story does an excellent job
of balancing the power dynamics,
technological advances, and human stories
that will shape the world in the next century."

--Locus Magazine

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