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The Awakening and The Ship with Black Sails

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The Awakening

Patients turn to ashes in Dr. Christine Rogers emergency ward while vampire, Rolf, searches for a synthetic source of nourishment to satisfy his needs. Vampires gather in New York City as the Blood Moon heralds the resurrection of the Elder Thomas. Rogue vampires seek to rule the world by raising Lucian, the Eldest of the Elders, along with Thomas, strengthening vampire hold over mankind. The race is on to stop Lucian's revival and save mankind from falling under vampire rule.

The Ship with Black Sails

The lives of two captains intertwine as they each, for different reasons, seek to destroy the notorious pirate, John Bryce. Raven O'Malley seeks revenge for her grandmother. Alex, officer in the Royal Navy, is tasked with the pirate's capture. Alex knows Raven as the neighbor's kid sister but Raven knows Alex as the man of her dreams. Will Alex ever see Raven as his heroine?

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