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Diary of the Shattered Soul, #7: Diary of the Shattered Soul

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Tess is an average young woman with a broken life, and on the brink of a breakdown. On top of the constant emptiness she feels, and the drug problem, there is one major detail of her life that is the root of all of it...she's an adult entertainer. Life as a porn star may sound glamorous, but in Tess's world, it's anything but. However, when she meets Jonas, a hardworking guy who knows nothing of her background or her adult work, she'll soon find that love is just what she needs to feel alive again. But would Jonas still accept her if she told him what she really does in her personal life? Only time will tell!

Follow Tess through a series of serialized diary entries, as she writes about her life, her world, and the drama that comes with it. This is her diary. Her saga.

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