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Ladybird Marie / chong mali



The story of the little wild boar Max, who doesn't want to get dirty. Chinese-English.New release of the classic in Chinese-English!On her search for a bristle Ladybird Marie meets Max, the little wild boar who thinks mud and dirt are disgusting. He doesn't want to get dirty. All the animals laugh at him. Max is not amused. Then Max's friend is drowning in the pond. Can Max save her?爱干净的 小野猪麦克. 中文-英文. ai gan jin de xiao ye zhu maike. Zhongwen-Yingwen.在小瓢虫玛丽到处找寻野猪刚毛的时候,遇见爱干净的小野猪麦克。很不巧,麦克的好朋友掉到了沼泽地里。麦克能帮助她吗?

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