The Man Next to the Woman, the Woman Next to the Man

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The Man Next to the Woman, the Woman Next to the Man

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Men, particularly young men, often have, according to psychologists, an inadequate perception of women: either as harlots or as saints. Because of this, it can be difficult for men to combine these two views in the person of a particular woman that they are looking at.
Some young men worship their beloved. Such men carefully hide their carnal desires, seeing them as “indecent”. Other men, by contrast, deliberately try to appear crude and sexual. This dichotomy is partly linked to traditional religious beliefs from the Middle Ages. In those days a woman was represented either as the image of Madonna or as a witch. The former image was positive and was ascribed to purity, innocence, as well as disgust towards sexual life. The latter one symbolized temptation and lust...
This book will help women understand men better, find the right approach to them, and
be happy with them.

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