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King Zeus's goals are coming along nicely. Germania is back under Leagende control. Zeus was not expecting so many humans to stay. His uncle handles the job of governor well enough. Compast is basically all demons. The Compast Queen is unfindable, but the crown prince is readily available to guide. Dereksean is still under control of his aunt. The cease fire with Dereksean will deny them from creating a problem until the other countries are handled. Cardenil is focusing on its war with Francie. Once Zeus has time of day, he will go in and offer his terms. Everything looks perfect on that front. In his personal life, Zeus is more than a little overwhelmed by his child queen acting as a proper queen more than he feels the proper king. His father seems to handle the duties of king so much better too. Plus his sister and brother are on the war front ready to handle the demons. Zeus knows he needs to be there. Demons are not the ones who wait patiently. What a way to spend his twentieth year.

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