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Try it with...oat flakes: 29 delicious ideas

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Gluten-free oat porridge with coconut
Oat porridge with strawberries
Oat porridge with blueberries
Oat porridge with nut and banana
Chocolate Cherry Smoothie
Oat flakes with cherries
Lemon scone with blackberry and sage jam
Oat flakes with chia seeds and berries
Raw donuts with orange-ginger glaze
Tropical fruits for breakfast
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Coconut Oat Smoothie
Vegan Chinese porridge
Vegan muesli
Baked muesli
muesli bar
porridge overnight
Chia seeds with buckwheat
Pumpkin Cake Macro Style
Simple, sweetened oat flakes
Fast porridge
Pecan nut granola
Spinach green cabbage patty (meatball)
Quinoa pancake with oats
Ginger coconut cookies
Baked cod with green beans
Simple oatmeal quinoa
Fast porridge with almonds and quinoa

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