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The Anomaly Problem

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The United States has a problem.

A devastating terror attack on the capital ten years ago has left the country fearful and resigned. Those that oppose the government's oppressive tactics call themselves Anomaly. With their promise to bring down the U.S. government for good, they draw more Americans to their side every day. And they're just getting started.

Meanwhile, Trevor Cyrus has his own problems as he tries to put some distance between himself and his psychotic criminal bosses, but saying no to their latest assignment isn't an option. Eve, a former thief, makes an impulsive play for a potential big score, though it might not be the sort of thing she’d normally want to profit from. And Jeremy Cyrus, a government-contracted corporate mercenary, has his eye on career advancement, and finding Anomaly's leadership is the key.

With more terror on the horizon, these three, with their shared pasts and chaotic presents, will converge around Desmond, the thirteen-year-old subject of a psychological experiment who is only trying to survive after escaping captivity.

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