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Understanding Life

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In this remarkable book, Wendy Hill shares insight and wisdom about life and death, and everything in between. She tells her story of growing up on a Native community and her spiritual experiences that led her into becoming a healer. These understandings were given to her through dreams from the ancestors. She gives an intimate description of the relationship of each person and the spirit world.

Many people struggle with feeling vulnerable and scared or angry about life circumstances and through the messages it puts a person's mind at peace about life. Having a peaceful mind is a key ingredient to a healthy life and mind. The majority of people have been given minimum knowledge about how to relate to spirits, their own and a higher power. This book will answer many questions that people have about coincidences, accidents and lessons in daily experiences. Wendy also shares prophecies from different Native people that came through dreams. Overall the book touches everyone in an intimate way about many voids and mysteries about life. She is able to shed light and give meaning to these questions in life.

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