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Featherline: A Short Story Collection: Spitwrite, #4

265 pages3 hours


A collection of #spitwrite stories.
Waiting in Line to Get Your Soul Weighed Up Against a Feather
Loveless Ada: The Luggage Disaster
Take the Purple Pill
Vote Yes on Dragon Control
Digital Fang
Roast Broccoli in Plasma for 2 Seconds
The Clockwork Riot vs the Little Kiosk on the Sidewalk
The Little Match Girl
Case of the Mondays
Slumber Party
The Infinite Mirror
Time of Waste
Red Glasses Club
Healing Aura Overkill
The Sun is on Fire
Gravity Flux
Cyberpink: The Diamond Armour
The Kiss of the Sphinx
After Life on Social Media
Portals to Nowhere
Kimono Coconut
Immortal Baggage

This is book 4 of the Spitwrite series.

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