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Vegan Soup Cookbook - Loss Weight with these Flavorful Healthy Delicious Recipes

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SOUP is a great NUTRITIOUS MEAL option with certain types of soup even proven to help WEIGHT LOSS. VEGAN SOUP seems like a HEALTHY MEAL, and a new study PROVIDES even more COMPELLING EVIDENCE that it is. In particular, VEGETABLE-BASED SOUPS are a GREAT option NUTRITIONALLY as they combine a HIGH NUTRIENT DENSITY with a low energy density – this means that we get lots of KEY NUTRIENTS including VITAMINS and MINERALS for relatively FEW CALORIES. VEGAN SOUPS are associated with a LOWERED RISK of numerous HEALTH CONDITIONS including COLON CANCER, HEART DISEASE, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, PROSTATE CANCER, BREAST CANCER, STROKE, and many others.

In this VEGAN SOUP COOKBOOK you will find 60 VEGAN SOUPS RECIPES full of NUTRITION plus benefits of WEIGHT LOSS as well. This Book has 149 Pages.

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