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Dreams of a Radiant Sentry: Enchantment Avenue

42 pages27 minutes


Camille Rowan, the failed librarian witch in her famous Librarian family, hides behind a tilting tower of books. Peeling leather covers, springy cobwebs stuck to grimoires and tomes, each of them quivering in quiet excitement. Anticipation.

Their owner approaches.

Camille had carefully curated this stack for the powerful and imposing Lord Blakenmage. Blakenmage, who cares only about the magical world and wants nothing to do with the 'Normals' around him—people born without magic.

Everything appears just fine... until Camille discovers a Clive Cussler hidden in the stack. 

One she'd put there herself.

Originally published in Deep Magic magazine. "Dreams of a Radiant Sentry," one of several stories in the enchanting world of Enchantment Avenue, will hold you captive and eager for more. An uplifting, fun tale of books and magic in a world right beside ours. A spark of romance—and all the possibilities in-between.

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