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Against All Odds

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Being from a large town like San Antonio can come with many perks, but in Alex’s world, it only holds danger. Growing up in a crime led family surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and weapons, Alex knows her only way out of this lifestyle is to runway, but it won't be easy. A demon of hers that goes by the name of Tito uses every resource he has to make sure she never leaves. She’s his property and no one comes near her. Alex knows the only way she’ll be able to escape is to fight her way out.

Ryan has grown up in an elite family, surrounded by money and greed, those things being the reasons for his estranged relationship with his mother. While it may seem their polished lifestyle is just that, he knows it’s a cover up for the true operation. Unfortunately, she’s named him her successor and the rules she’s established for him could lead to dire consequences should he choose to execute his plan by double crossing her.

In a fight against all odds to survive the drug war taking place in San Antonio, Ryan and Alex find each other by mishap, and together they fight through their trials as they climb their way to the light, not realizing how deep into the dark they actually are.

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