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Love Stories and Other Crimes

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In "Art of Influence," Viola is at the mercy of the thieves ransacking her new home. The leader insists there's stolen artwork stashed away somewhere in the house, but she knows nothing. What will happen if she's wrong and they find something?

"In the Dark" begins with Sunny and Jiyong trapped in a malfunctioning elevator after a night of hard drinking. Facing an uncertain future, Jiyong takes the chance to make a romantic confession.

"I'm Yours" is a short young adult story in where Dani finds herself in detention with her crush after he argued with their teacher and walked out of class with her in tow. She can’t figure out why he’d risk getting benched during the basketball game he’s looked forward to for her sake. However, Jiyong thinks the reason should be clear.

"Is It Worth It?" follows Sahan and her mother Minyeong as they rush out to take on a spiritual monster. Sahan’s reluctance to train her daughter to fight spiritual monsters keeps Minyeong from retiring which also jeopardizes the lives of the people they’ve sworn to protect. In an instant, the monster proves to be more than they’re ready to handle. Will they be able to prevent any casualties before the night is over?

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