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The Magic of Race Bailey: Race Bailey, #1

278 pages2 hours


Percy Jackson? Artemis Fowl? Alex Rider? Adventure has a new name!

Fourteen-year-old Race Bailey has just discovered a shocking truth.

His late father was more than a world-class magician...

He was actually a spy tasked with protecting the world from supernatural threats.

Now Race finds himself on the run, pursued by mysterious men after anancient artifact -- an artifact many believe will empower those whopossess it to raise an unstoppable army of zombies.

If he survives, Race will face an impossible choice. Protect the powerfulrelic as his dad did before him... or risk losing it for a chance toavenge his father's death.

As if the start to freshman year wasn't hard enough.

The perfect book for kids 10-13, The Magic of Race Bailey is the first in a series of action-packed thrill rides sure to keep even the most reluctant reader turning the page.

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