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Social Media For Writers: Increase Your Sales In 15 Minutes A Day

Social Media For Writers: Increase Your Sales In 15 Minutes A Day

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Social Media For Writers: Increase Your Sales In 15 Minutes A Day

82 pages
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Feb 6, 2019


How to get results on social media to win followers and fans.

Simple advertising strategies used by authors who sell.

How to sell more of your writing, starting today.

You're a writer. You know that there's a market for your words, right around the globe

But how do you tap into that market? It's challenging, but social media makes sales for businesses both huge and tiny.

Chances are that you've tried social media, with minimal results. You believe that "social media doesn't work." 

That's not so. It works, but you need to know how the huge social media networks, and the various advertising networks, operate to use them to your advantage.

Learn the simple copywriting tricks of the pros

Copywriters sell with words.

Today, if you want to sell, you need to know some simple copywriting tricks. 

By "simple", I mean easy. Anyone can learn them, even if you hate marketing your writing.

Do you have 15 minutes a day?

Chances are that you know that you're missing some vital information which would make social media work for you.

In Social Media For Writers: Increase Your Sales In 15 Minutes A Day, you'll know precisely what you need to do to make social media work… in 15 minutes a day.

Feb 6, 2019

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Book Preview

Social Media For Writers - Angela Booth


Are you a keen social media user, or do you feel that social media is a waste of time?

Love it or hate it, social media can increase your sales, no matter what kind of writer you are.

I've been on Twitter since April 2007. Currently, Twitter and Pinterest are my favorite social media networks.

You may be wondering… why use social media at all?

Social media gives you visibility, and builds interest and trust

social media can give you a wide reach. Your social media expertise ensures that it's never been easier to build a successful career as a writer and author.

Whether you're selling your writing services for money, or are a self-publisher, there's a huge market for your words, right around the globe. Moreover, it's relatively easy to tap into that market.

That's the good news.

Of course, there's bad news too: the immense competition.

When you're selling your writing services, you have competition from other writers. Often, they're willing to undercut your fees, so you miss out on sales. Self-publishing authors have competition from other indies, as well as from traditional publishers.

I'm writing this in October 2018.

Those of my students who are self publishers are complaining that the big-publisher advertising splash for the holiday season is already underway. This means that advertising on AMS (Amazon) and on Facebook has become much more expensive, because traditional publishers are weighing in with a big ad spends.

My students are spending more money on advertising, and getting fewer book sales because of the competition for readers.

What do these big publishers know? They know that they need to get attention, if they want to make holiday sales — or indeed, sales at any time of the year.

The more attention you can get, in any way you can, the more income you can make from your words.

But… how do you get attention?

Two words: copywriting + images.

The big challenge for all writers/ publishers: visibility and attention

Sad fact: if people can't find your offerings — you can't sell to them. People must know that what you're selling exists.

I don't see why I should spend money on advertising, one student said to me recently. My books are on Amazon – readers can find them, can't they?

The problem is, Amazon offers millions of books. Even if you construct your book's meta data (your book's description and keywords) carefully, millions of books compete with yours.

Immediately after publication, Amazon gives you something of a boost with their New Releases category, but two weeks after your release that boost is gone.

Studies by Publisher's Weekly have shown most authors will never sell more than 100 copies of a book. Indeed, in the traditional publishing world, most publishing houses expect to lose money on most of their titles. Big publishers survive because they have BIG authors, like Stephen King and Nora Roberts, with huge backlists.

Here's another sad fact: a good 90% of authors have no idea how publishing works, and that most books lose money.

Over the past decade, indie authors have shown the way: they've shown big publishers how to make money from more of their books. Indies are little, and scrappy. They fight for readers, and look after their readers.

They advertise, because they know that visibility counts. They're on social media, where they focus on graphics.

Tip: whatever kind of writing you do, find writers who are on social media, and have many followers. Follow them. On Twitter, create a list for the writers you're following. Study what these writers do.

The solution for writers: get attention — and sales

As we said, you get attention (and sales) with two words: copywriting + images.

You can leapfrog others when you begin paying attention to your copywriting, and most vitally, to images.

Why copywriting? Copywriting is writing to sell. That is, writing promotional materials, usually advertising. Writing social media postings is also copywriting… as is writing blurbs: an author's book descriptions, whether these descriptions appear on the back of a print book, or on a book's product page on Amazon.

Why images? We pay attention to images, because they're a vital way to get attention. Today, people skim. An image may stop someone for a few seconds, long enough to read a headline, and click. (You need that click!)

Graphics – images – are everywhere today. Have you ever asked yourself why? All the big global and national brands in any area that you can think of today are marketing with images, and with video too.

Here's the reason. Did you know that according to 3M research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text?

Brands want to stand out, so they use images, and over the past five years, social media marketing has become image marketing.

Few authors and writers use image marketing today,

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