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Conversations with David Bowie

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David Jones (Bowie), is arguably the most influential pop icon of our times. He was not just music, words and lyrics but a work of art displayed as David Bowie. His profound effect reverberated out through all areas of the arts and beyond to fashion, lifestyle and sexuality.

It may be quite true there will never be another David Bowie. The time was right for his entrance and the world was listening.

Now join us as Sussan a well-known channeler connects to David from beyond his physical life on earth. The record of his life is kept in an interactive library called the Akashic Records. This is a most remarkable part of our multi-dimensional universe where questions and answers are exchanged.

David is not in limbo or continuing his life in another form. The personality we knew as David Bowie has ended. However his spirit or soul has passed on to the universal consciousness.

You will be mesmerized as he discusses his wife Iman, spirituality and the occult, rise to fame and his view on sexuality. This is a time to know the real David Jones the one that kept his personal life hidden under many disguises. He is very philosophical and a strong personality who will allow you in when it suits him and toss you out when he has finished.

When we talk with David he is able to view his life without judgement from another perspective. So please join us as we talk to one of the most loved and iconic personalities of our era.

(Included is a introduction by David Bowie)

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