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Friends forever Workbook: Workbook

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Nature has placed certain things the way they are, but together we can work on those things for our benefit. There were two Islands Pingulantes and Eisinsel close to each other but never knew they both existed. On both Islands were living penguins, which faced difficulties due to their environment. The liquid from the rubber tree became the bridge between the two Islands. Finally both Islands got to know each other, living and benefiting from the nature of both Islands. Generations later, as a result of this, we have today black and white coloured penguins. It is our responsibility to utilize all that nature has made available to better our world by building a bridge in every area of life, be it rich or poor, healthy or sick, advantaged or disadvantaged, privileged or unprivileged. We could all learn from the penguins. Let us make this world a better place because we can.

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