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Fair Upon the Tor

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Every seven years there is a gathering of magicians, witches, warlocks and other sundry workers of charms at Sorcery Tor. Tents and markets sprawl around the base of the barren, windswept hill: deals are done, old scores are settled and a thousand strange things are bought, sold and exchanged. All of this is conducted under the protection of the goddess of the tor: otherwise, no magician would trust another magician enough to share the same meal, let alone meet peaceably to talk and trade. Into this strange gathering walk Caewen and her companion Dapplegrim. They come with a simple mission: to deliver a message. But soon plots and schemes start to ravel around them. Soon they discover that someone is murdering magicians... which shouldn't even be possible. In the past, divine punishment has visited anyone who dared such a thing. How then is the murderer evading the eye of a goddess? And why are they murdering at random? Before long Caewen realises that she is now fully enveloped in the plot, and she must act to save herself, and maybe too, every last person who is attendance at the fair upon the tor.

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