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On the Front Line: A father and son, 30 years apart, debate what it means to live all out f

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The central theme of this book is what it means to serve Christ with all one's heart, then and now. The point is to see how the task has changed, what the challenges are, what really matters and what is secondary. It is easy to fight yesterday's battles! The authors are well able to make this assessment, with Clive's extensive world experience and Gavin's connection with today's generation through his work with Youth for Christ. The book is divided into three parts: Context, Changing our World View, and Practical Living. Contents include: The Way It Was, 30 years ago(Clive); What Happened Next? (Clive); The Way It Is (Gavin); The Way It Should Be - what is our dream? (Gavin); Lessons from the Developing World (Clive); Nothing by Halves - the need for total commitment (Gavin); Investing in Relationships (Clive).

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