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2013: Lyrics & Poems

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2013 was a year in which around half the total lyrical work was married to WildScreW musical melodies, effectively turning the poems into songs.
The WildScrew song “The Beginning Of The End”, which was developed from one of Thomas Wild’s guitar melodies, a so called ALPHA, was penned and professionally recorded on the studio CD which was released at the start of 2017. The guitar melody has haunted Thomas, so he claims, since he started to learn to play the guitar, aged 17.
The WildScreW ALPHAs “(Rock ‘n’ Roll) Revolution”, “Adulterous”, “Gold Digger” and “The 51st State (Of The U.S.A.) are, in my opinion at least, all useable ALPHAs and hopefully will one day also be recorded as part of a professional CD album. “Irreplaceable” and “Love Nor Money” were based on guitar melodies to which the order Thomas supplied the verse, refrain and bridge was altered. The guitar melodies to these ALPHAs made it to the recording studio and were produced as “Misery” and “Free Fall” respectively.

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