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Injun Summer

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Injun Summer is the tale of an American warrior who was plucked from a desert siege by a mysterious priest who disappeared immediately after saving Mike Faraday from certain death. Haunted by the vision of his seven Special Forces comrades slaughtered before his eyes, Mike continues to be tormented in his search for the reason why he was spared.
Persistent nightmares cripple Mike from leading a normal life after he is discharged from the Army. Marriage and children seem to be out of the question while this affliction persists.
But then a moment of hope arises when the priest appears once again at the local Woodfield Mall and directs Mike and his Army buddy to a suicide bomber on the verge of blowing himself up in the main hall of the mall. Mike and Russ are successful in preventing the attack.
Revenge by members of the terrorist group, a pretty waitress from an Italian restaurant, Russ, and a bumbling undercover cop are drawn together as the tale climaxes and then comes to a happy conclusion when, under the guidance of the priest, the illusion of American Indians, descending from the heavens and dancing around a campfire in an adjacent meadow are joined by Mike’s deceased Special Forces comrades who have come to bid Mike farewell and to assure him he is not responsible for bringing them to their physical end in the desert.
The final scene of this tale has the priest giving his benediction from above the gathering and disappearing into the night.

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