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Gaea #1: Blood of the Pure

860 pages14 hours


“I doubt myself and all my senses. I want to believe these are all illusions but the reality around me is undeniable.”
What if ... it were possible to evoke a strange being from another dimension able to make ones deepest wish come true? “If only things were that easy people like me would never have to go through the shame and pain I had to endure that morning,” Mari thought. And yet, once opened, a portal becomes a mere passageway, and no one can really control who, or what, will come from that door.
“And thus my world, forever unmoving and suspended in time and space, fell unto the Wheel of Destiny and into the stormy waters of unknown seas.”
Unavoidably attracted by the light that protects her ... and fatally fascinated by the darkness that surrounds her, Mari fights desperately to resist the chaos that threatens to swallow her whole.
Lost in Destiny’s duality, she sees herself fighting for her own survival, as she tries to find a way to achieve the most desired wish of all Humanity: finding happiness.

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