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Stepping Stones to God

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Stepping Stones to God is a sequel to The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham. After years of searching the world for Truth, Larry Darrell finds peace and understanding through instruction he receives at an ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas.
His elusive goal of atonement with God prompts his guru to suggest he travel to the heights of the Himalayas, leaving worldly cares behind in order to establish himself in aloneness with his creator. With the success of this venture, his guru advises him to return to his own people and administer to their spiritual needs.
This volume details the journey of Larry Darrell from the day he sets foot on the docks of New York City until his death in the mountains of California.
Those of you who wish to follow along on this journey will find it goes beyond the humdrum chaos of everyday life to a place within where the reason for being may be realized. A place where, by ourselves and without ambassador, we may enter the chamber of the Divine, which sustains us in spite of ourselves, is ever-present, guiding, and comforting us in our spiritual unfoldment.
The bastions of organized religion are attacked in a gentle way, bringing enlightenment to those who are ready for a journey independent of its dogma. A journey which ultimately leaves them in the world but no longer of it.
And when it comes time to leave this vale of tears, the vision of the grim reaper is dispelled with the promise of stepping forth into the light of a higher understanding of our purpose for being.
And once this book is laid aside, the principles within will linger, ready to burst forth at the required moment.
In this age of mind-boggling technological advances, it is hoped that the simplicity of the principles contained herein will bring solace to those who require nothing more than a gentle touch of assurance that all is well in spite of the turmoilin the world about us.

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