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Born in the Twilight

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Though sexual orientation appears to be an attribute of the human condition, it is in fact an out-picturing of the spiritual condition of the soul each time it is reborn.
The current convention on human sexuality has been erroneously pigeon-holed into three major orientations, i.e. heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual. The degrees of variation surrounding these conditions are beyond the scope of this volume. But understanding why each soul will, and must, experience these conditions many times during its journey to perfection is relevant on many levels; most importantly, at the moment, is quelling the unjust dialogue centering on homosexuality which has raised the necessity of not only clarifying this condition but the other conditions as well.
Having arrived at a consensus that homosexuality is not a chosen life path, the next question that should have arisen, but has not, is why this phenomenon occurs in the first place.
The answer lies in the complexities of the journey to perfection, the understanding of which is far more important than we may realize.
Explaining this spiritual condition, tagged sexual orientation, is as complex as the condition itself. That being said, an extraordinary effort has been put forth within these pages to explain the ethereal aspects of this condition in lay terms which, hopefully, will be understood and accepted as each individual comes in contact with the variations of this phenomenon in those they meet as well as within themselves.
Acceptance without understanding is not enough. Hopefully, the ideas and explanations contained herein will provide that much needed understanding.

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