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Nine Pillars

247 pages3 hours


In this fourth book of the Swords & Stones series, Cal and his wives set off for Rome to investigate the trouble their new delivery lads have got themselves into with the gangs that run the port at Ostia. When the news is not so good, they are left with no real option other than to set up their own port outside the city.

Next, they venture to the familiar territory of the northern border river with the prospect of feasting and dancing in mind. After surviving an encounter with a military patrol and a quick chariot race for Sara, they find their Barbarian friends and prepare for a welcome trade meeting. Things turn sour when a new clan arrive and don’t want to participate and two of the crew sample too much cooking wine and sleep through the excitement.

The rest of the trip now overshadowed by these events and plans made to settle the situation to prevent future trouble.

After so much excitement, Cal wants a trip without so much trouble so the crew sail to Tunis to see their camel man and follow his request for help. Days of desert travel brings them to his home and the quest is revealed - finding the Home of the Moon. For once it is Cal that knows the secret, but he helps Miena and they travel to find the site.

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