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Ruined Worlds: Wheel of Fire, #3

525 pages5 hours


Jerry Harper is back on Homestead recovering from his ordeal. The galactic political situation is deteriorating, and it looks like war between the Agrarian Commonwealth and the Reliant Mentarchy is inevitable. Jerry's ordered to report in, and the military puts him back into action. He's a spaceborne Rifleman once again.

The last hopes for peace are dashed. War is declared! Jerry and his men begin their first war patrol. But the Mentarch hits fast and hard, and its atrocities leave the Commonwealth reeling. Jerry's electrokinesis is Homestead's not-so-secret weapon, but he's still just one man. He can't be everywhere at once, and the defeats start to mount.

The Commonwealth desperately needs a victory, something to boost morale. Jerry knows his ability is powerful enough to swing a battle. But he still has orders to follow, and his options are limited. If he can't find a way to help turn the tide soon, it might never happen. Because the Mentarch is relentless, and it's determined to reduce the Commonwealth to a collection of ruined worlds.

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