The Secret of Preshift

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The Secret of Preshift

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Length: 324 pages5 hours


Kitty Kostet is a preshift werewolf of Kostet pack. As the daughter of the alphas, and an alpha herself, she seeks to become luna of a pack. But there is also the concern of missing out on her true mate if she just accepts the first option placed before her. Richard seems like a nice guy, a decent alpha, and he comes with a pack. Before Kitty can make her decision, it's made for her. There is threat in Kostet. Her parents want to offer her safety by sending her to Green Ridge to be Richard's luna. As much as she was weighing the thoughts herself, the requirement seems wrong. What's worse is no one wants to say why she must leave grounds. Her life is under threat, but she's too young and weak to know why?
It's not just unfair, it's dangerous. Who or what has followed Kitty to Green Ridge? What threat does she bring her new pack?
Disclaimer:: This book is for mature audiences. I do not shy away from sex, sexuality, fighting, or gruesomeness. If it fits in the story, it will be within the story. Each book (excluding several of the shorts) of this series is meant to be a full story surrounding the true mating of the main character.
It should stand alone, but also can be read as a group. Each book is written in the voice of the main character, which is why some almost ignore the romance and some do not focus on the actual action.

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