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A Guide to Small Talk - A Powerful Art and Skill

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Dear Reader

If you attend social events or participate in other types of group activity where conversation plays a key part in what everyone is expected to be doing, then you probably had to use conversation starters. If you felt good about the occasion, then either you or your conversation partners knew how to start a conversation.

Do you have a difficult time to start a talk with someone you barely knew? Some of us find it a bit tough to begin a conversation with the unfamiliar person. We can't judge someone until we meet them. We don't have any idea what are this person's ideas or interest. We don't have any clue if this person will enjoy your company and both sides or if the both of you don't match any perception in life.

Every relationship starts out with that first conversation, whether it's friendship, a dating relationship or even a business relationship. In many cases, the future of the relationship is based upon that first conversation and the conversation starters you use, which may seem scary if you don't naturally have the "gift of gab." Using open questions is a good tactic when first chatting with someone. This means you are likely to find common interests and create new bonds. Although that first discussion doesn't have to make you best of friends, you want to make a connection.

This book is will educate you the art and skills of starting a conversation. 

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