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Pursuit of Perfection: Significance of the Perfection Motif in the Epistle to the Hebrews

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Pursuit of Perfection explores the significance of the perfection motif in the Epistle to the Hebrews. It addresses the controversial interpretation of teleios ("perfection") in Hebrews where this notion is so central to the argument of the book. The investigation examines the meaning of perfection in an attempt to discover its significance on Hebrews theology. The need for the study is the lack of adequate treatment of the subject in the last three decades. The discussion focuses on the precise meaning to be attached to the notion of perfection and its significance for Hebrews interpretation. Through an exploration of major interpretative approaches to the notion of perfection, and its usages in classical world, Second Temple Judaism, and New Testament literature, especially Hebrews. The author argues that the notion of perfection has an eschatological significance and is linked to better provisions of the new covenant, which guarantee believers' salvation and eternal inheritance. The author sums up his argument that the call to pursue the goal of perfection is a call for commitment to the gospel message as Christians of all ages follow the example of the Christ, the one who endured suffering of the cross and its despised shame in order to bring many followers to their future eternal glory.

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