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Nonentity: A Rant For Those Who Can't

221 pages3 hours


Chance "Cash" Register is a cranky, reclusive, unemployed author who's down on his luck. And with a dwindling bank account, Cash has limited ways to support himself. Stuck with no other choice but to look for work, Cash hops onto his trusty bike and pedals around Tucson in the summer heat searching for a dreaded 9 to 5 job, but not having much luck.

After being repeatedly rejected by those unrelatable, non-creative types, Cash encounters a series of unusual characters, horrible job offers, and the downright sickening prospect of being homeless. Until he lands employment at a local bakery and the experience changes his miserable existence. 

This intense, rage-on-the-page novel chronicles three-months in the life of a struggling writer…

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