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Jesus Was a Trinitarian

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One of the most used Unitarian proof-texts is Mark 12:28-34, wherein the Lord Jesus affirms the Shema of Deuteronomy 6:4-5, and further identifies his interlocutor's reaffirmation of the Shema as being a wise answer. Because Christ affirms this monotheistic creed and, more than this, reaffirms the creed as articulated by a Jewish interlocutor, and does not correct the scribe for his strict monotheism (the unitarian assumes), then it follows that Jesus was also a unitarian monotheist. The argument has a prima facie punch, but once the underlying assumptions made by the unitarian are revealed, and once the text of Scripture is read closely on its own terms, it quickly becomes apparent that the unitarian's argument is logically incoherent and biblically unjustifiable. Jesus was, is, and will forever be a Trinitarian.

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