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The Journeys of the Sorcerer issue 0

The Journeys of the Sorcerer issue 0

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The Journeys of the Sorcerer issue 0

84 pages
1 hour
Mar 2, 2019


This is the first issue of, "The Journeys of the Sorcerer", a one-man magazine filled with fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories.
In this issue, you'll find:

Terranova – In the 16th century, Manuel Corte-Real, the Portuguese navigator returned to Newfoundland in search of his missing brother, Gabriel. However, he instead finds something he never expected.

The Horned One – A black goat terrifies the people of the village of Meadela, who think it is the Devil. Are they right, or does the creature have a much more mundane origin?

The Time Machine – For years, Roberto studied, experimented, and worked to build a time machine. Now that he has finally completed it, he is prepared to travel into the past and have the life he always wanted but thinks is impossible to achieve in his own time. But, does he really have to travel so far to find what he is looking for?

The Jumper – After a long period away from the trampolines, Korhonen, the ski jumper returns to the sport he always loved. However, not even sports are immune to technology's relentless advances.

Nightlife – Will we have the time to live a life outside of work in the future?

Holestern: The Inheritance – Holestern, along with two companions, enters the desolate city of Durknaz in search of an artifact of great importance to him. Will he find it, or will his bones join the countless others lying among the ruins of the Damned City?

The Knight's Choice: Prologue and Chapter 1 – The first part of a serialized novel in which we will follow Loran, one of the royal knights of Veltraik.
After the end of the long war against the Artemisian Empire, an army of now unemployed mercenaries, hired by Veltraik, revolts and starts plundering the kingdom. Loran joins the army sent to stop them and ends up finding something that even the greatest wizard in the kingdom can't identify.

Mar 2, 2019

About the author

Joel Puga nasceu na cidade portuguesa de Viana do Castelo em 1983. Entrou em contacto muito cedo com a fantasia e a ficção científica, principalmente graças a séries e filmes dobrados transmitidos por canais espanhóis. Assim que aprendeu a ler, enveredou pela literatura de género, começando a aventura com os livros de Júlio Verne. Foi nesta altura que produziu as suas primeiras histórias, geralmente passadas nos universos de outros autores, cuja leitura estava reservada a familiares e amigos.Em 2001, mudou-se para Braga para prosseguir os estudos, altura em que decidiu que a sua escrita devia ser mais do que um hobby privado. Isso valeu-lhe a publicação em várias antologias e fanzines portuguesas abordando diversos sub-géneros da ficção especulativa.Vive, hoje, em Braga, onde divide o seu tempo entre o emprego como engenheiro informático, a escrita e a leitura.Joel Puga was born in the Portuguese city of Viana do Castelo in 1983. Since an early age, he has been in contact with fantasy and science fiction, mainly thanks to dubbed films and TV shows transmitted by Spanish channels. As soon as he learned how to read, he got into genre literature; starting his adventure with Julio Verne’s books. It was during this time that he produced his first stories, generally using other author's universes as a backdrop, the reading of which was reserved to family and friends.In 2001, he moved to Braga to follow his studies, a time in which he decided his writings should be more than a private hobby. This granted him several publications in Portuguese anthologies and fanzines of various sub-genres of speculative fiction.Today, he lives in Braga, where he divides his time between his job as a computer engineer, as well as writing and reading.Joel Puga nació en la ciudad portuguesa de Viana do Castelo, en el año 1983. Desde muy temprana edad, mostró interés por la fantasía y la ciencia ficción sobre todo gracias al doblaje de películas y programas de televisión para canales españoles. Tan pronto como aprendió a leer, se sintió atraído por la literatura de género, iniciando esta fascinante aventura gracias a los libros de Julio Verne. Durante ese período, produjo sus primeras historias, las cuales, por lo general, estaban inspiradas en el universo de otros autores. La lectura de sus primeras obras quedaba reservada a familiares y amigos.En 2001, se trasladó a Braga para continuar con sus estudios. En esa época, decidió que sus escritos deberían ser algo más que un pasatiempo privado. Como consecuencia de esta decisión, publicó varias obras en antologías portuguesas y revistas de varios sub-géneros destinadas a fans (fanzines) de la ficción especulativa.En la actualidad reside en Braga, donde divide su tiempo entre su trabajo como ingeniero informático, y su pasión por la escritura y la lectura.

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The Journeys of the Sorcerer issue 0 - Joel Puga

The Journeys of the Sorcerer issue 0

by Joel Puga

Copyright 2019 Joel Puga

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents


The Horned One

The Time Machine

The Jumper


Holestern – The Heirloom

The Knight's Choice

Other Works by the Author

About the Author


Miguel stared at the land in front of him as his men lowered a row boat from the caravel's deck to the water. It was on that island that he had left his brother almost a year before when Gaspar sent him ahead back to Portugal with two ships and the slaves they had captured. However, after months of waiting, his brother never returned. Undeterred, Miguel crossed the Atlantic to look for him. After speaking with some of the natives, he discovered that Gaspar had disappeared after leaving for an expedition to the island’s north coast, where local legends claimed the Kingdom of Saguenay existed, a nation inhabited by blond men rich in gold and furs. It was near the northernmost point of the island that Miguel's caravel was now anchored.

The boat is ready, Captain, one of the sailors said.

Anxious to find Gaspar, or at least a clue regarding his fate, Miguel immediately climbed down to the row boat along with a priest, six soldiers armed with swords and muskets, and four oarsmen.

Less than a quarter of an hour later, they reached the coast, landing on the only place not covered with trees and bushes. From the caravel, they had already seen that six earth mounds stood there, but only now did they perceive their strange shape. Their shape seemed too regular to be natural, with a rectangular base and a ridge that grew like an almost perfect triangle.

Curious, the Portuguese couldn't resist investigating them, and they soon found old wooden beams and even the remains of a door mixed with the mounds, confirming their suspicions: the mounds were long abandoned houses.

Leave them. They are just old native houses. Let's go and... Miguel stopped mid-order, alarmed, when he saw a black spot in the blue sky approaching rapidly, faster than any bird he knew.

A heartbeat later, the spot disappeared from the skies. In that same moment, two wolves and a bizarre eight-legged horse appeared before the Portuguese, the later mounted by an old man. A gray cloak covered the man's body, and a broad-brimmed hat rested over his long, gray hair, casting a shadow upon his eyes, or eye, for of the left one only remained an empty, dark socket. Two ravens darker than night perched on his shoulders.

The man dismounted and advanced towards the Portuguese, leaning on what, at first, seemed like a staff, but which turned out to be a spear.

Terrified at that sight which seemed to come from Hell itself, Miguel and his men made the sign of the cross and the priest began to pray.

I am Odin, king of the gods of Asgard, said the old man. Who dares to invade Vinland, a monument to the greatest achievement of the Nordic peoples?

The Portuguese were terrified. However, Miguel gathered all the courage he had left and answered, I'm Miguel Corte-Real, and I'm here looking for my brother, Gaspar, you heathen creature. I warn you not to interfere, for we are here under the protection of our Lord, God.

The protection of your god?! Odin answered with a loud laugh. I saw what your people did and… he took his left hand from under his cloak, revealing to the Portuguese's horror, a severed head, Mimir told me what it will do in the name of your god - torture, death, and war - all in his name, but not for him. You use his name as an excuse to satisfy your own greed. I don't believe that a god who allows such a thing can exist.

Your opinion doesn't matter to us, O creature of darkness. Move against us, and God will send you back to Hell.

Odin laughed again and said, Look, see how he protects your companions in your ship.

As soon as Miguel and the other members of the landing party turned their gaze toward the sea, a colossal net came out of the depths and completely enveloped the caravel, and suddenly, the ship was pulled under the waves, disappearing within seconds.

The men on land started praying, all commending the souls of their companions to the Creator except for the priest, who prayed for his own life.

Did you see how he protected them?! Odin said, smiling. Your brother also had great faith in your god, but surely he has lost it now.

Have you seen my brother? What did you do to him?

Suddenly and out of nowhere, a beautiful young woman appeared beside Odin. Then, a gust of wind pushed her long, black hair from her face, uncovering its rotten and cadaverous left side.

The Portuguese fell upon their knees, praying fervently with their eyes toward the heavens.

This is Hel, Gaspar's hostess, and soon to be yours. Rejoice! Today, you will see your dear brother, and with him, you will swim in rivers of blood, suffer under rains of poison, and drink goat's piss until the coming of Ragnarök.

Then, with a gesture from Hel's hand, Miguel Corte-Real and his landing party disappeared and were never seen again in the world of the living.

The Horned One

Many years ago, during the time of the dictatorship, there was a winter when the inhabitants of the town of Meadela in Viana do Castelo were afraid to go out into the streets as rumors that the Devil himself wandered the dark, rural roads terrified them. There was plenty of evidence that the rumors were true: plantations were crushed by hooves, crops disappeared without a trace, and there were circles of flattened wheat.

Additionally, new stories from witnesses were told in the tavern next to the church almost every night.

"Just now, coming here, as I passed by Necas' field, He started following me. I could hear the sound of

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