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Jane Doe: Jack Beckett Book Seven

208 pages2 hours


Jack Beckett's fingers were tucked into the young woman's fingers. He was hanging over the rail of the Oakland Bay Bridge. A stranger had his feet, which were off the ground so he could reach as far down as possible. The young woman had fallen off the bridge but was clinging to a support beam with one hand, and Beckett managed to get hold of the other hand. She didn't want to die. He saw it in her eyes. He was trying to pull her up. Then he felt her fingers slowly slip out of his grip, and she plunged 150 feet straight down. He saw her eyes, terrified until he could see them no longer. He watched until she hit the water, horrified but unable to change what had just happened. He didn't sleep that night, and he vowed he would find out why it happened, and who was responsible. The young girl turned up a Jane Doe, but she had one man who would still fight for her. His name was Jack Beckett.

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