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The Princess And The Pee: Caring For A “Special Needs” Person

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For those of us who have the care of a special needs family member or friend, the responsibilities can be overwhelming. Like my “princess and the pee,” Life, like the laundry, can be on “full load.”

This book “listens” and tells you you’re not alone. Perhaps there are no solutions to your situation, but there are people who care, who understand. This is not a clinical book - these are real-life stories of paranoia, dyslexia, high IQ, attention deficit - our day by day events we can understand in a new way and perhaps learn new perspectives. The book shares ideas, problems, strengths and even a laugh or two. You do your best - but is there more, what’s missing? Perhaps you’ll learn you’re doing your best, perhaps you’ll be uplifted.

At times we know special needs people can be clever manipulators. How do we gently, but firmly, counter manipulation? When their behavior is purposefully unacceptable, we caretakers need to address the problem immediately and correct it as we can. This book offers ideas on what to do.

When days are good, we can rejoice. When days are not good, we have every right to be cranky, tired, sit down and have a good cry. Unfortunately, we’re only human - there’s no cure for that. But, always the sun comes out tomorrow, have faith.

At this time there are few answers or solutions for respite for ourselves and the ones we care for. But we can take strength from each other, learn from each other, lift each other up and walk in the Light. That’s what we’re here for.

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