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Killing Despair: The Loser Mysteries, #3

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Beth Lousiere, once known as Loser, learns there's new evidence concerning the murders of her husband and daughter three years ago. The crimes, along with suspicion that she was responsible, sent Beth into such despair that she lived on the streets of Richmond, Virginia, for almost a year, lost in grief and pain.

Somewhat recovered though still plagued by insecurity and odd phobias, Beth returns to Richmond to face the past. Soon she's the suspect in a new murder, a woman who might have been involved with her husband. To escape arrest, Beth disappears into the anonymous world of the homeless, becoming Loser again. There she's protected by people like her, society's outcasts, but she also finds support from others: Jake, her former partner on the police force; Verle, a local restaurant owner; Bert, her lawyer; and his associate, Alex, who cares more about Beth than she's comfortable contemplating.

As events of the past and present merge, Loser comes to realize she's been framed for murder a second time. Fearing her problems will endanger her friends, she goes deeper into hiding. By the time she begins to understand why someone did this to her, Loser is pursued by killers who don't care why. They track her to Belle Isle, determined to kill her. As she struggles desperately to survive, Loser realizes the life she once thought worthless has become precious, offering friendship, peace, and perhaps love.

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