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Vril Mastery: Harness the Force of the Gods

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Vril Mastery: Harness the Force of the Gods is a magical scroll that reveals how you can direct, use, and manipulate the ancient and supreme power known as Vril.

For ages, the powers of Vril and how to use it have been taught only to a few and select elite practitioners of sacred magic. Vril Mastery: Harness the Force of the Gods finally unveils the secrets behind this arcane wisdom. 

This magickal scroll is divided into 4 parts:

Part I is focused on discussing the theoretical aspect. Before you engage in actual practice, it is important for you to first equip yourself with the right knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, and one of the best ways to effectively manipulate Vril is by having a better understanding of what it really is.

Part II reveals the actual practice of directing and controlling Vril for your own use. Behold the secret practices that will allow you to take advantage of the Vril force.

Part III discusses the best practices of manipulating Vril. These pieces of advice can significantly increase your chances of success.

Part IV talks about the answers to common questions that beginners often wonder about Vril and Vril manipulation.

Indeed, this magical scroll is the key that open wide the doors of miracles.

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