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Gospel after Revelation

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Do you want to know?!

As Jesus said to the disciples in Matt 28:20:
“He is with them until the end of the world”;
•Where is Jesus today?
•How does He communicate with us today?
•God says we must seek the Kingdom – how and where?
•Are we maybe looking in the wrong place?
•Is Christ’s return confused with the end of times?
•What is the difference between the Bible and the living word of God?
•What do we understand about the concepts: natural and spiritual?
•Why was Paul’s church called a sect?
•Where is heaven and how many heavens are there?
•What do you understand about life before and after death?
•Jesus usually uses simple people for His gospel – will He today?
(There is a model for the better understanding of these questions)
Do you realize that the denial of Jesus’ presence is the same as if we crucify Him again! (Heb 6:4-6)

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