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One Night In Paris

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After being dumped by her boyfriend, Clara had won a Valentine’s Day raffle which the prize was a trip to Paris with a right to companion and all expenses paid. But she was lacking the most important thing: an escort. And so, Clara decided to go to the City of Lights all by herself.

Between sightseeing and the assurance of being alone and as far away as she could from the opposite sex, she decided to go out on the town and enjoy her last night in Paris. An unusual situation puts her face to face with a polite gentleman that caught her attention. This couple will feature a night of torrid love. She calls him as Seigneur¹ “M” and refuses to know his real name, as well as she refuses to tell him her name. For her, this was just a night of pleasure and was certain that the fate would never reunite them again. Will that be?

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