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The 15 Powers of Praise

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The power of praise is seen in the blessings of living a life of praise. This includes what praise does to us and how praise programs our lives for success, prosperity, divine favours, peace, joy and victory.

God is always present where there is true praise.

The bible declares that:

"But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.  " - Psalms 22:3

God dwells in the praise of His people.

God is also Omnipotent ─ ALL POWERFUL!

When the ALMIGHTY; THE ALL POWERFUL GOD is praised and lifted up, it means GREAT POWER WOULD BE PRESENT AS WELL!

God in the fullness of His power inhabits praises and this is why praise is so powerful in the life of a believer who knows how to harness its power.

In this book we shall discover the 15 Powers of Praise, how to harness these powers and their application in our lives towards success and prosperity in all that we do.

There shall be a stirring in our spirits which will position us spiritually to consciously live a life of praise.

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