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Key to Fertility: Healing Stress and Hidden Fears That Could Be Hindering Fertility

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The first words out of my doctor's mouth were simple yet critical to my success. "Reduce stress", he said. I dismissed his statement just as many others do, but in the end it was those simple words I should have heeded in the first place. Had I understood ALL the hidden sources of stress and how stress was wreaking havoc on my emotions and body, I would have dealt with it much differently and I would not have had to wait so long to become a mother. Don't make the same mistake I did. You hold in your hands a simple yet powerful book that will reveal five things; where stress comes from and how it affects your body ~ how unresolved childhood adversity, stress and fear can affect fertility ~ five roadblocks that will keep you in the dark about what's really going on inside of you ~ the tough questions that you need to ask yourself to begin healing ~ and how to set your body free by re-framing childhood events and healing your emotions. Begin your journey to emotional healing now so you can eliminate any self-sabotaging tendencies that could be secretly blocking your fertility.

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