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Misunderstood Problem Child (Dragons Angels Children Series Book Three)

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Alice was nicknamed "one day, one problem" by her teacher. That was exactly who and what everyone thought her to be - spoilt and beyond repairs. Alice like many other kids was only a misunderstood problem or difficult child. But well managed, Alice at the end of her therapeutic and educational studies was awarded the best most behaved and reformed student. She passed all her examinations in distinction and was awarded a Mandela Washington Fellow. Her project on business investment in Africa was adjudged the best. A lot of investors from U. S decided to work with her outfit. Alice decided to set up Doris Juvenile Correctional Institute, in memory of her grandmother and for the benefit of problem children and children with disabilities. ...
"Am just a mere child. My grandma will punish me if I do what you said..."
"I will help you. I'll give you magical powers..."
"Magic is forbidden. It is witchcraft and grandma said God hates magic..."
Alice's grandmother wondered who she was talking to and called out to her. "Alice come. Who were you talking to?"
"She said she was a friend of my mother and ..."
"What's her name? Tell her to come in. Let me see her," grandma Doris demanded.
"She's disappeared immediately she heard your voice."
"Disappeared? Alice are you seeing things?" She dragged her granddaughter closer and examined her. She was visibly worried...
"Children need your love most, especially when they don't deserve it."
(Ikechukwu Joseph)
"Never despair of a child. The one you weep the most for at the mercy-seat may fill your heart with the sweetest joys." (Theodore L. Cuyler)
Misunderstood Problem Child (Dragons Angels Children Series Book Three) for young readers would help children overcome challenges and solve puzzles of life. A suspenseful fantastic read. It is a mother's delight for kids. Order a copy for your child today.

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