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Blueprint to Love



Love isn't in the blueprint for the Traynor brothers, owners of Specialty Construction.

Book 1 - Trusting Jake: Broken down on the highway, Jenna's life is like her car. In need of a jumpstart. Workaholic millionaire Jackson is all business. No pleasure. Until helping a beautiful redhead reminds him what he really wants. 
Book 2 - Falling For Ken: Contractor Kendall is broke. The guy who could save her just tumbled into the project. To avoid getting sued, she'll do-- anything. Harrison's choice: a hospital stay or 'nursing' from the angry beauty he's bankrupting. 
Book 3 - Chasing Marisol: Jefferson can land any woman he wants. Except Mari, who appears immune to his superpower charms. Marisol 's mission-- build the safest women's shelter she can negotiate on a shoestring budget. Single mom to foster son Hector, she can't afford a gorgeous, 6'2 distraction.  

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