Dragons Angels and Children

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Dragons Angels and Children

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The last was Anny, the lone ranger. She went to the upright piano. She climbed a little stool to see the keys. "God is watching," was announced as the title of her song. The hall was calm. Seeing an eleven-year-old rise to play the piano was already a surprise. All eyes were on her but all her eyes were on the white and black keys. She ran the scale on key C to drill her fingers. Anny ignited the curiosity of the audience. She again ran chord scaling, starting slowly till she got to crescendo and shattered the unbelief of the listeners. As she raised her head from the keyboard and looked up to heaven as if announcing the title of her song, "God is watching," tears flowed down her tender cheeks before ever any word came out. Then she strummed the keys and out rolled the sonorous voice of a heart broken child. Then came the words, 'God is watchin' - the crowd thundered and quieted to hear more. Anita then reeled off her feeble hands again on the piano and now with a husky voice said again, "God is watching." Same words, lyrics but different voices and pitch. Anita in tearful mood and mode of a natural minor scale completed the song. The whole hall erupted into "winner, winner! winner!!" Nonstop. Dragons, Angels and children. Dragon series (Books 1-3) is a collection of three books - Spcial Child (Dragon series book 1), Gifted Child (Dragon series book 2), Misunderstood Problem Child (Dragon series book 3), for young readers and would help children overcome challenges and solve puzzles of life. A suspenseful fantastic read. It is mothers delight for kids. Order a copy for your child today.

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