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Artlantica: The Secret Kingdom Beneath Galveston Island

45 pages


Underneath Galveston Island, in Texas, there is a secret, underwater kingdom where mermaids live. The Kingdom of Artlantica is famous among all the undersea kingdoms on earth because of its amazing artists. At the age of ten, young mermaids and mermen receive their artistic gifts—and no place is this more exciting than in Artlantica.

Three friends—Merartsea, Shellbee, and Artisimay—have just turned ten and have begun searching for their gifts. One day, while out with Merartsea’s pet tiger fish, Mertie and Purrtie, they come across a sunken ship and begin to explore. There they find magical bubbles with their names on them that reveal their artistic gifts. As they learn more about themselves, they also discover a mystery: a cup engraved with the word “Lafitte.” What could it mean?

In this illustrated children’s story, three young merpeople uncover their artistic gifts and find out more about who they will be in the magical kingdom of Artlantica.

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